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Detective Bureau

          Riverdale Police Department's Detective Bureau is headed by Sgt. Chris Biro. The detective bureau handles all types of criminal investigations from white-collar crimes to crimes of violence. Some of the cases the bureau works on also stem from complaints originating from the patrol bureau. Detective Bureau members wear plainclothes while working and drive unmarked police cars. Detectives investigate crime using a wide array of techniques that range from evidence collection to specialized interview techniques. Detectives are not responsible for patrol work and therefore have more time to spend on the cases assigned to them. Detectives work two shifts, 7am-3pm and 2pm-10pm but are available 24 hours a day using an on-call system.

          RPD Detectives utilize professional training, experience, and specialized investigative techniques to navigate the maze of complexities associated with crime and its Investigation. Detectives evaluate facts gathered from physical evidence, witness statements, and documentation in order to determine that, in fact, a crime was committed, who committed the crime, and to assist the state in prosecuting the offenders. Detectives also prepare affidavits in support of search warrants relating to narcotics and other crimes. Some of their time is spent in municipal court as well as testifying before the Grand Jury in Superior Court.

          In providing the citizens of the Borough of Riverdale a safer community, the dedication and commitment of the men and woman of the Riverdale Police Department is unmatched. It is our mission to promote the highest level of public safety and quality of life, through exceptional police services to residents , businesses and visitors. Focusing first and foremost on crime prevention, protection of people and property and the preservation of peace and order, through fair equitable enforcement of laws, while carefully safeguarding the dignity of all of those who are touched by the process.


If you have information regarding a case or incident being investigated, you may send an anonymous tip by calling, or writing to us. Any information you provide will remain confidential.