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Q: What's the phone number of the Riverdale Police Department?

A: For calls to the Police Department 24 hours a day 7 days a week the number is (973)835-0034. For emergencies dial 9-1-1.

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Q: What is the ordinance regarding snow removal?

A: According to Borough Ordinance 147-22, All owners and occupants of property with sidewalks, must remove snow from all sidewalks in the Borough. The task must be completed within 24 hours of the last snowfall. The ordinance requires the removal of snow between Both edges of the sidewalk. Finally it also reads that the sidewalks are to be kept clear of snow until the next snowfall.

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Q: Are there any parking ordinances in Riverdale?

A: YES, Borough Ordinance 2-98 states that overnight parking in Riverdale is NOT permitted from December 1st - March 31st between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM. Borough Ordinance 5-81 states that on certain streets, parking is only allowed on one side of the road. These particular roads have signs stating which side of the road you are/aren't allowed to park on. This ordinance is in effect YEAR ROUND. Borough Ordinance 1-88 states that there is NO parking what-so-ever on borough streets when it is snowing, or the streets are snow covered.

A new borough ordinance (19-2006) restricts parking in any municipal park or facility without obtaining specific written permission from the borough.

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Q: How do I acquire a Handicap Parking Permit?

A: For that permit you would apply in person at the Riverdale Police Department.

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Q: How do I apply for a firearms ID card?

A: All firearms liscensing is now handled through the State Police. Click here for the State Police firearems page.

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Q: What do I do if I have a specific traffic complaint like speeding on my street?

A: Information for the Riverdale Police Department Traffic Bureau can be found here or under the Divisions page. To e-mail the Traffic Bureau with a specific complaint click here.

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Q: Can I come to Riverdale Police Headquarters and have the police dispatcher check my license to see how many points I have?

A: No, all NJ Police agencies are prohibited by law from disseminating any criminal justice information, including Division of Motor Vehicle information, unless specifically requested for official law enforcement purposes. Driver history records may be obtained directly from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Contact a NJMVC regional service center in your area for further information.

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Q: What about an arrest record?

A: No, you cannot check your criminal history at Riverdale Police Headquarters. Criminal history information is available to the general public through the New Jersey State Police, following an appropriate application process.

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Q: My car was impounded by the Riverdale Police. How can I get it back?

A: To retreive the car, the owner of the vehicle must respond to Riverdale Police Headquarters and obtain a release for the vehicle. Recently enacted New Jersey law requires that proof of insurance and valid registration is needed prior to a release of a vehicle, whether it is being towed or driven out. If the vehicle is being driven out of the impound yard, the owner must present documents at Riverdale Police Headquarters, showing that he or she owns the vehicle, that it is properly registered and insured, and that their driver’s license is valid, before the release will be issued. If the owner's license is suspended, then he or she must bring one licensed driver with them to headquarters when he or she comes for the release. If the vehicle is being towed from the impound yard, the owner must bring the tow truck driver into headquarters, along with proof of ownership and insurance. This procedure pertains to ALL police impounds and does NOT apply to motor vehicle accident vehicles (unless the vehicle was impounded for a violation). When you come for the release, the Riverdale Police Department will direct you to the towing yard. Towing and storage fees will apply if your vehicle has been inpounded or towed due to a motor vehicle accident and are payable to the tow service at the time of pick up. The Riverdale Police Department uses two different tow services on a rotating basis.

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Q: How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

A: Motor Vehicle Accident reports are usually available 7 days after the accident has occured. The cost is $0.50 per page. They cannot be faxed, and MUST be picked up in person at police headquarters. Incident verification reports are available 3-4 business days following the initial report to police. An incident verification report is NOT the original police report. It is a form revealing limited information such as a report number, narrative, victim, etc. Some information taken on the original report is not included in the verification report. Incident Verification reports are written by Patrolmen and are available anytime they are clear of any police emergency. To obtain a discovery, which reveals all information, you must send a written request to the police department with "ATTN: Records Bureau - Discovery Request" written on the envelope. Our address is P.O. Box 6, Riverdale NJ 07457. The cost of Incident Verification forms is $0.50 per page. Discovery cost's vary and are to be decided by our records clerk.

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Q: Can I obtain a Riverdale Police Department patch?

A: With the ever growing popularity of the Internet, we receive numerous requests for patches from collector's all over the world on a daily basis. We would like to fulfill each request, however, due to the cost and the time required we can not supply patches to individuals and collectors. Official agency requests should be sent on a departmental letterhead from the agency, to the Riverdale Chief of Police, Kevin Smith. Patches will only be sent to the official department mailing address. Official requests will be fulfilled based upon availability.

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